Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Well its thanksgiving morning here in Madagascar. If I was in georgia I would still be asleep lol. But I would be getting up soon. Then I would eat breakfast and get dressed. Then I would go down stairs to help Baba get all the final preparations together before everyone starts showing up at 2pm today. Its kind of a bittersweet because thanksgiving is one of my top 3 favorite holidays. But no one is horribly sick in my family (just sarah's broken leg),  none of my family was horribly effected by Sandy, and I do have food to eat. I will be home in 8 days. If there was a way that Nathan could come live here with me I don't think I would go home, well that an the fact I don't have enough money to stay here. I am thankful that I got to come here to madagascar for 3 months and I hope to come here again or better yet get $15,000 and get all my cousins here home. Can't wait to show everyone all my photos though.

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