Monday, March 30, 2015


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

neither death nor life.

Romans 8:38-39
For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

       Today, July 17th, is a day that will forever be a horrible day in my life. July 17th, 2011 the day I got home from a missions trip and got a phone call from my best friend telling me to go bring my phone to my mom. It was only after that, that I found out my friend and her unborn son were died. I still to this day do not know how she died and I highly doubt I will till I get to heaven. All I know is its only been 2 years and I and everyone who knew here are still torn and grieving. A lot has gone down since 2011. Nathan is 4, I have graduated high-school, gone to madagascar and gone to college. I miss the talks she and I used to have with her when she would come visit my family. She would come visit at the most random of times and sadly most of the time I would think of it as a bother but now I miss those random visits, I miss driving around with her and laughing and watching bones and eating ice cream. 

        Two years later and everything has changed. But today I read Romans 8:38-39 and it gave me a weird peace just letting me know that no matter what, neither death nor this so called life, can take us away from God's love for us. His Son, Jesus still came and died for us on a cross. NOTHING can change that no matter what.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


So I am 19 1/2 years old. The top three questions I get are as follows.

1. Are you in school?
2. Whats your major?
3. Are you dating anyone?

     The first two, I don't mind at all I ask them all the time my self. I mean it is normal to wonder. However, the third question is the one that always gets me. I mean just cause I am 19 do I have to be dating someone? I am 2 quarters into college, I don't plan on getting married anytime soon I mean I have like 8 years of college left. Possibly after that I will get married and MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE have kids. It bothers me to no end that just because I am "adult" that means I have to be dating/getting ready to be married. But as far as I can tell God has not placed those cards in front of me, in fact he has given me a peace about being single. I enjoy it in fact. I just have to worry about school and trying to get a part time job. I know women are expected to get married and raise the kids. But I believe sometimes God calls some of us to be unmarried, maybe for life or maybe even just part of it. I mean Paul was not married and he was the greatest missionary for christ EVER. With out him we wouldn't have most of our bible. Paul him self said it is better to remain unmarried than to just get married because that is what people do. (1 Corinthians 7)
      I am a people watcher and subsequentlyI have watched so many young men and women date and get their hearts broken because they are merely dating because that is what people our age do. However, a wise woman once told me I was a popsicle, weird I know. But thing about it you don't just share your popsicle with anyone who walks up and wants one. You share it with people you love. Now I am not saying I am against dating, nor am I saying I condemn those who do date. I honestly think everything happens for a reason, every heart break, every mistake, and ever good choice.  my personal conviction is just that, PERSONAL. God give us each different goals, tasks, and paths in life. Does mine involve marriage? Maybe, I don't know. Until the day I find out it does I will continue to focus on school and God.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wait what time is it?

Well its June 5th, 2013 at 8:25pm. I am sitting at the kitchen table making plans for the VERY long car

trip I am taking with my Mother, Sarah, and Nathan. Dad, Jay, and Peter get to miss out of this lovely

trip. But, as I am sitting here I am thinking about what all has happened since I got back 6 months ago.

So much has happened since I left africa, and since that day all I have wanted to do is go back. I miss

africa more and more everyday. I love collage and everything its way better than high-school and I

have even made the deans list both quarters at GMC. It is still not the same. I would rather be out there

doing something not just sitting in a class room 1/2 bored out of my life. But lets rewind a little.

December,  came home and it was good, had christmas and that was good. Then school started.....I was

kind of freaking out but I knew Kelly was there so I would be fine. I took Math, English, Bio, and Per

101. It was a good quarter, I got 2 A's and 2 B's, even made the deans list. Then I had two weeks off

which was like a mini taste of summer which made going back all that much harder. To make it worse

we went to school for a week and then had spring break. But I still made A's and B's. Which is so

much better then I ever did in HighSchool. Now school is over, I am signed up to take 4 classes 2 of

them are with Kelly which makes me so happy. I get to take my first psychology class. I hope I like it

other wise I have to change majors. Well back to what I started this post with. The long car ride. I was

debating taking classes this summer. But decided I wanted a break. Two days later, Aunt Annette

contacted my mom offering me a job for the summer. So I said yes then my mom said we are going to

drive across country. Friday Night we start our journey and we head to Nashville, Tennessee, Omaha,

Nebraska, Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, Bozeman, Montana and then finally Cashmere Washington :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

college, life, dang it happens fast.

        Well Monday I start my second quarter of college. I made two A's and two B's the first quarter and made the deans list. For anyone this would be a big deal, for me its an even bigger deal because growing up if I got a B it was a miracle, and some how I pulled of 2 A's and 2 B's, I mean I got a 84.55 in BIOLOGY 123, the class that it looked like I was going to have to drop out of because I was failing so horribly. Also Ryan left for boot camp. I have gotten two letters from him so far. I wrote him another one today. I love getting hand written notes in the mail so I love and hate the fact that he is away. But I love getting mail and since he is gone I get mail :) If any other boy wanted to win me over sending me ANYTHING in the mail would be the best way, for gets texts, email, phone calls, twitter, or facebook. I love hand written notes, I mean the person can just hand them to me and walk off they don't even have to mail them. Kelly and I used to do that in 11th grade. Since she hates texting, it was fun we would read it when we got home and give a reply the next time we saw each other .... usually the next day. I also got a job, I make web 2.0's for Paul and I get $4 a website and I have made over $220+ worth of websites :) My photography business has also taken off and my babysitting business, which is AWESOME. I can't wait to get my new camera, when I finally get the new camera I will start taking even better photos. I can not wait for school to start back up monday, even though I wont see Kelly basically at all this quarter. But its okay Dad said we can't be friends anymore before she 1. has never had apple pie, 2. hates fruits in her desserts. It boggles the mind how she and I could be friends, let alone best friends, but it all works in the end.
          I miss Madagascar SO SO SO SO SO much. I mean sometimes I want to just cry I miss it so much. I will be saving up to go there again. I miss my cousins, my aunt and uncle, the workers, the students, and my friends I made there. Don't get me wrong I love college, and my mom made me promise to come back and go. But I miss Madagascar SO much. I can not wait till the day I get to see them all again, and make no mistake I will see them again. Maybe not for 3 months but I will be going back. I don't think I could live if I never went back. My heart aches to go back and I know I will. I was not made to live in the USA, I was made to be born here to give me the chance to go ANYWHERE and I will go to as many countries as I possibly can.

Friday, February 22, 2013


College. You know its a lot different then I expected but I actually really love it. I am getting all of the boring core classes out of the way right now. I am about to finish Bio 123, Math 109, Eng 101, and Per 101.  I am pretty sure this is my last lab science class. Also possibly my last math class. I have actually made a lot of new friends. I may have hated high-school but I am loving college. I am so excited to get to my psych classes in a few quarters. Next quarter I am taking PLS with Courtney and my new friend Jenna and I am taking PER 102 with Kelly and Jen, and English 102 with some of my class mates who are in my English 101 class :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

whoa 9 months

9 months. That is how long its been since I graduated high-school  But it feels like it was years ago. So much has happened, so much has changed. Its really hard to explain. I have been to Africa and back, lost friends and gained some, and in 2 weeks Ryan leaves for basic training. I am so proud of him but I am also kind of sad he is leaving.  I have also have taken my first college class, taken my first college test, and written two papers......and I am only in my third week. Nathan turns 4 in 10 days. its crazy, he should only be like a few months old, but he is so big now. I still miss Africa everyday, I don't think I was made to stay in one place for long periods of time. I am going stir crazy but I do enjoy classes.