Saturday, July 13, 2013


So I am 19 1/2 years old. The top three questions I get are as follows.

1. Are you in school?
2. Whats your major?
3. Are you dating anyone?

     The first two, I don't mind at all I ask them all the time my self. I mean it is normal to wonder. However, the third question is the one that always gets me. I mean just cause I am 19 do I have to be dating someone? I am 2 quarters into college, I don't plan on getting married anytime soon I mean I have like 8 years of college left. Possibly after that I will get married and MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE have kids. It bothers me to no end that just because I am "adult" that means I have to be dating/getting ready to be married. But as far as I can tell God has not placed those cards in front of me, in fact he has given me a peace about being single. I enjoy it in fact. I just have to worry about school and trying to get a part time job. I know women are expected to get married and raise the kids. But I believe sometimes God calls some of us to be unmarried, maybe for life or maybe even just part of it. I mean Paul was not married and he was the greatest missionary for christ EVER. With out him we wouldn't have most of our bible. Paul him self said it is better to remain unmarried than to just get married because that is what people do. (1 Corinthians 7)
      I am a people watcher and subsequentlyI have watched so many young men and women date and get their hearts broken because they are merely dating because that is what people our age do. However, a wise woman once told me I was a popsicle, weird I know. But thing about it you don't just share your popsicle with anyone who walks up and wants one. You share it with people you love. Now I am not saying I am against dating, nor am I saying I condemn those who do date. I honestly think everything happens for a reason, every heart break, every mistake, and ever good choice.  my personal conviction is just that, PERSONAL. God give us each different goals, tasks, and paths in life. Does mine involve marriage? Maybe, I don't know. Until the day I find out it does I will continue to focus on school and God.

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  1. Your focus is in the right place, kiddo. Stick to your guns and don't worry about other people's queries. You've got your whole life ahead of you.