Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wait what time is it?

Well its June 5th, 2013 at 8:25pm. I am sitting at the kitchen table making plans for the VERY long car

trip I am taking with my Mother, Sarah, and Nathan. Dad, Jay, and Peter get to miss out of this lovely

trip. But, as I am sitting here I am thinking about what all has happened since I got back 6 months ago.

So much has happened since I left africa, and since that day all I have wanted to do is go back. I miss

africa more and more everyday. I love collage and everything its way better than high-school and I

have even made the deans list both quarters at GMC. It is still not the same. I would rather be out there

doing something not just sitting in a class room 1/2 bored out of my life. But lets rewind a little.

December,  came home and it was good, had christmas and that was good. Then school started.....I was

kind of freaking out but I knew Kelly was there so I would be fine. I took Math, English, Bio, and Per

101. It was a good quarter, I got 2 A's and 2 B's, even made the deans list. Then I had two weeks off

which was like a mini taste of summer which made going back all that much harder. To make it worse

we went to school for a week and then had spring break. But I still made A's and B's. Which is so

much better then I ever did in HighSchool. Now school is over, I am signed up to take 4 classes 2 of

them are with Kelly which makes me so happy. I get to take my first psychology class. I hope I like it

other wise I have to change majors. Well back to what I started this post with. The long car ride. I was

debating taking classes this summer. But decided I wanted a break. Two days later, Aunt Annette

contacted my mom offering me a job for the summer. So I said yes then my mom said we are going to

drive across country. Friday Night we start our journey and we head to Nashville, Tennessee, Omaha,

Nebraska, Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, Bozeman, Montana and then finally Cashmere Washington :)

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