Friday, November 2, 2012

Back from Berenty

Well I am back from Berenty and it was awesome. I had an amazing time.

The trip started with a LONG bus ride with my cousins and Uncle. We got to Tana at 2amish slept for about 2 more hours then I had to get in a taxi to the airport. I flew to Fort Dauphin nice short 1 1/2 plane ride. Then when I landed I had a driver, a guide, and a hotel worker waiting for me. They took me to the hotel for lunch and to go ahead and pay for the room/car ride/guide.  Then we went on a LONG 3 1/2 hour car ride. But it was fun, because if I wanted to stop and take photos or buy something we would stop. So in that aspect having the car to myself was awesome. I bought a ton of lychees. Saw 2 chameleons, a rainbow, rice fields, and a bunch of people/animals. Then we got to berenty. My guides name was Ben he was awesome, spoke almost perfect english and knew about everything but rocks :) When we got there he showed me to my bungalow and said we would head on our first walk in about 15 mins. But before we every started are walk I looked up in the tree by my bungalow and there was a mom and a baby ring-tailed lemur. Then Ben took me on a walk around and we saw a ton of brown lemurs, some ring-tailed, sifika, hissing cockroaches, sleeping white-footed sport lemur, and a ton of different birds. By this time it was about 5pm so I had a hour and 45 mins in between my next little walk. We went to the spiny forest to look for more white-footed sported lemurs, mouse lemurs and what ever else we could find. We were out there for about an hour. Then dinner. I was so tired I feel asleep by 8:30pm good thing to because the birds/lemurs wake you up at about 5:30am. Then we went on a morning walk in a different part of the spiny forest, then a hour break then lunch then at about 3:30pm we went on a walk in the gallery saw a bunch of lemurs, bats, birds, zebu, lizards, skink (sp) tortoises, crocodiles, and bunch of cool trees. Then that night we went backwards through our earlier walk and looked for more mouse lemurs and white footed sport lemurs. We did find them but they were like 20ft-40ft above us so no good photos. Then dinner. Then to bed again by 9pm. Then the next day we went on a morning walk to yet another part of the spiny forest. Then I had the rest of the day "off" as in we didn't have any more walks planned. Which was a good thing because the heavens opened up and it stormed the rest of the day. Then I got up at 5:30am and I ate breakfast then by 6am we were on the road. But I didn't sleep well that night so I slept for most of the car ride back. Then we got the airport and the plane got delayed by an hour and a half but we didn't find this out till I had been at the airport for an hour. Then I finally got to Tana, met Uncle Col, Rafily and Kit at this amazing little bakery and then got on the bus to come back and slept for a good part of the trip then we got home at about 3am.

Now I know I did a horrible job telling about this trip but I will just have to tell you stories by word of mouth/through my photos. As I am very sore and still not feeling good.

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