Monday, January 21, 2013

life moves on.

     Well I have been home a month and 1/2, Christmas has come and gone and I started college. I am starting week three of eight this week. I have written and turned in my first paper to English, and I have a test in Math and Biology this week. Its been completely crazy since I got home. Between catching up with friends, christmas, and pulling of a surprise birthday party for Ashley. Christmas was good I got a 120 gb ipod and les mis 10th anniversary. But after that was when my fun began because I was surprising Ashley, and just so ya'll know that is hard to do. One because Ashley is my best friend and I tell her almost everything and I was excited about this so I wanted to tell her. Also because she is highly suspicious and while she knew I was up to something she had no clue what that something would end up being. I got about 20 people up at Jacobs house, which is a lot of work since he lives about an hour away from where we live. But what made it better is this meant she was in my car blindfolded for an hour, and Jay who is normally quiet was filling her head with all these sonorous of how everything was going to go down, and none of the ended well lol. But we got to his house and she was surprised and even admitted that I did in fact "get" her. It was a lot of fun and a a lot of our friends came even ones I didn't know where coming because they weren't sure till that day, and a lot of them were home from college so it worked out. It was just fun. But that day way my last day of freedom. Two days later I started at GMC, I really like this college. However I not a fan of tests which is what I am procrastinating from right now. I do not want to do homework right now just not in the mood. Plus my math teacher was sick this past week so we never had class yet have a test wednesday so its kind of crazy. I also hate biology and I have a test in that class too.

       I am really missing Africa. I miss the food, the people, and the environment. I miss seeing my cousins every day. I miss the craziness of all the sick people. lol Life in america is so different, if someone is sick we go to the doctors. Also we don't have all these crazy problems like them have there.  Now to save money and either get them home here or get me back there. But if I do get to go back I wont to bring a friend with me, someone to experience things with me.

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